Duration: 4 weeks


Analysing Business Finance (ABF) 

Finance Academy’s program is a MUST for anyone who would like to make smarter financial decisions. 

What you’ll learn

  • Analyse the three key financial statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
  • Understand and use financial terms with confidence
  • Implement cash management practices
  • Independently do financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Plan, develop, implement and control budgets
  • Measure risk and recognise financial warning signs
  • Perform financial ratio analyses to evaluate the health of the organisation
  • Gain a vital understanding of the financial impact of their decisions on the organisation
  • Minimise risk and maximise results by doing less
  • Develop a cost-conscious mindset and think like a CFO.


  • The program will be delivered using industry case studies, practical examples, real-life experiences.
  • It is intentionally designed to make the subject of finance fun to learn.
  • Participants will gain vital skills in forecasting, budgeting, costing, assessing opportunity cost, interpreting financial statements.
  • Focus on being proactive rather than busy with firefighting.
  • This program will equip the participant to confidently contribute during board meetings and back up their suggestions with their own numbers rather than being over-dependent on others with financial acumen.

About ABF

This course is specifically designed for professionals with 4 – 10 years of experience who are in managerial roles or aspiring to get into higher management positions. The content has been prepared after researching hundreds of failed businesses and studying the fatal mistakes made by so-called non-finance people. This program will equip the participants with the ability to analyse financial reports irrespective of the size of the data, as they will learn to extract relevant information by processing any financial data with simple proven steps.

There are 4 modules in this course

Module 1: Fundamentals of finance

Chapter 1 – Similarity with Football & Business

Chapter 2 – It’s all numbers

Chapter 3 – The five things every manager should know

Chapter 4 – Business is a vehicle

Chapter 5 – The only two capitals required in any business

Chapter 6 – The three types of business

Chapter 7 – The four types of financial transactions

Chapter 8 – Non-finance manager is a myth

Chapter 9 – Difference between finance & accounting

Module 2: ‘WHERE’ is our company from a finance perspective?

Chapter 10 – How to know if your business is making a profit?

Chapter 11 – Understanding Balance Sheet

Chapter 12 – Understanding Profit & Loss Statement

Chapter 13 – Preparing Financial Statements

Chapter 14 – What should be the order of payment?

Chapter 15 – Difference between debit & credit

Chapter 16 – Difference between Expenses & Assets

Chapter 17 – Understanding Depreciation

Chapter 18 – Understanding Break-Even Point

Chapter 19 – Difference between profit & money

Chapter 20 – Understanding Cashflow Statement

Module 3: ‘WHY’ is our company still here?

Chapter 21 – Ignorance is not bliss

Chapter 22 – First common finance mistake

Chapter 23 – Second common finance mistake

Chapter 24 – Third common finance mistake

Chapter 25 – Fourth common finance mistake

Chapter 26 – Fifth common finance mistake

Chapter 27 – Introduction to ratios

Chapter 28 – Understanding profitability ratios

Chapter 29 – Why insider’s money is expensive

Chapter 30 – Understanding liquidity ratios

Chapter 31 – Understanding efficiency ratios

Chapter 32 – Understanding solvency ratios

Module 4: How to take our company from ‘HERE’ to ‘THERE’?

Chapter 33 – Looking at the company from bird’s view

Chapter 34 – Seven gears to grow a business

Chapter 35 – Budgeting & Forecasting

Chapter 36 – If you don’t use it, you will lose it

Now everybody can speak the language of business – numbers! 

“The training was phenomenal. It talks to a laymen using jargon-free language. Everybody in business needs to understand the numbers provided to and for them to make their decisions.”

Mary Jensen, Business Strategist, M Power Services

“Chinmay, It was a pleasure learning finance from you. My children commented about how dry the class must have been but I corrected them as it definitely was not. You provided a new way of viewing the numbers with real world examples and applicable scenarios. Recently, I’ve been promoted to our Senior Leadership table to help bridge the operations side with the board and finance teams. The knowledge you imparted was a big part of that success.”

Jamie Slusher, Director, Client Project Management, Canoe, USA

The program was invaluable. It made me understand that my decisions can impact the bottom line of our company. It has empowered me to confidently have conversations with higher management

Collins Okwirry, Accounts Manager, Origin Energy, Australia

“Overall, excellent presentation, online materials, accessible references, and structured course with real-life experiences. More importantly, the level of professionalism, knowledge & patience you consistently demonstrated was astounding. Thanks for all YOU do.”

Saul Ramirez, Senior IT Project Manager, NorthGate Markets, USA

Meet Your Facilitator


Financial Educator | Business Storyteller | Author | Lecturer | Investor | International Speaker

  • Financial Educator, Business Storyteller, International Speaker, Author, and Lecturer
  • Has trained over 9,500 business owners and 12,000 students in business finance since 2014 in Australia, India, China, and Indonesia.
  • Conducted research on common business finance mistakes, shared with ATO, ICAI, CPA.
  • Developed finance programs for MBA students, teaches at RMIT, Ducere Global School, and Insight Academy.
  • Former National Treasurer at Professional Speakers Australia (2018-21).
  • Authored two books – “FUNdamentals of Financial Statements” and “The Bottomline”.